Weather Overview

Our country is a privileged destination blessed with the beautiful Mediterranean climate, ideal for travel, sightseeing and pleasure, all year round.
Greek Islands are such an extended area, from Corfu at the northern Ionian Sea down to Rhodes and the south-eastern part of the Aegean, but the climate difference is rather minimal during summer.

Our weather forecasts are updated on an hourly basis, offering you up-to-date information on every single island destination, for a 5 days period.

Apart from the summer months, especially in spring time or October, the weather may vary depending on the region you have chosen. For example, the Ionian Islands or North Aegean can be rainy during the day. It’s worth taking an umbrella or raincoat with you and those few drops will not disturb your walks during your stay.
Spring is perhaps the most beautiful period for visitors. Most of the islands are green, full of flowers and bright colors, or mild temperatures. Moving south, the weather is rather warm and sunny, and the water temperature around Crete and the Dodecanese is ideal for swimming.

Also in the summer months, the Aegean Sea can be rather windy. July and August are the months where - in Cyclades - this night-breeze or summer winds will cool you down; it may be nice to follow some of our practical information on what to pack in your suitcase.
A pair of sneakers or sports shoes can also be useful if you want to reach one of the faraway beaches. Walking under the sun, or on the long sandy beaches is easier, when the ground temperatures rise during the day.

Greek mainland is rather hot during summer with temperatures rising over 30ºC, but don't worry; the continuous Aegean Sea breeze and lush countryside of Ionian makes them an ideal location for your summer vacation.