Best Weddings in Greek Islands

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Greek Islands team

The Greek islands have been described as some of the most romantic places on Earth. Getting married barefoot on a beach, or while the sun slips into the Aegean, is considered by some to be the ultimate ceremony.

The breathtaking scenery just adds to the already heightened emotions during the nuptials, and makes this special day even more memorable.Many have chosen the 'Saint Ioannis Chapel' on the island of Skopelos. This is the famous chapel on the rocks that was used in the film 'Mamma Mia'.Some wedding planners offer the traditional donkey ride for the bride to the church, complete with a Greek band. There are many wedding planners available on the islands to help co-ordinate and organize everything for the dream wedding.Santorini is another popular island for destination weddings.All you have to do is to dream your unforgettable honeymoon experience on a Greek Island. Pick the one you like…