Sea kayak island hopping

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A amazing summer holiday journey in the Greek Islands

Imagine you and your friends on a beach under the stars!

Sporades is a beautiful Aegean region, full of lush vegetation, sandy beaches and secluded bays. Your island hopping adventure starts from Skopelos island. An ideal destination for relaxing summer vacation. It is the greenest island in Greece, full of pine trees, a dense virgin forest creating an image of a peaceful natural beauty. It offers plenty of accommodation options, covering every need or service you may wish. From luxury boutique hotels, to villas or Spa resorts, you will find all the amenities to enjoy during your stay.

There are plenty of small family-owned taverns and restaurants with amazing views towards the Aegean, and homemade recipes with fresh local ingredients.

Sea kayaking in Greece

Sea kayaking is a new trend among the summer activities in Greece, with numerous friends and followers from all over the world.

Your 7 days expedition starts from Glossa village. Most of the kit required for such a trip is already provided by the local experts and organizers. All you have to do is to choose a kayak and paddle, load it with your preferred supplies (drinks, coffee, food or snacks) and be ready for the first group photo at the starting point of this unique Sporades adventure.

Following the coast south, the fully loaded kayaks are cutting effortlessly through the crystal clear warm waters of the Aegean sea around Skopelos... your Sporades adventure had started!

The afternoon finds you lying on a secluded beach reminiscing about a beautiful day while watching the sun melt into the distant islands. The evening meal is cooked with a choice of tea, coffee or wine to wash it down, while the most amazing night sky floats above you.

Skopelos beach

The first rays of the warm Greek sun landing on your back is your wakeup call. During breakfast the discussion is about the plans for the day.

On this second day, the group will cross towards Alonissos, stop for a coffee and supplies in Patateri, including more of those wonderful fresh croissants! Another deserted beach awaits you in the evening and another amazing display of stars, I could seriously get used to this!
The discussions over breakfast revolve around the long day ahead. The Sporades adventure is heading to the remote island of Kyra Panagia.

The tranquility is suddenly broken by a small splash close to one of the kayaks. Then another, only this time larger! A fish about 30cm long broke the surface, how exciting! Behind it the water stirred as something far bigger and more powerful moves in. The fish leaves the water again, but nothing prepares you for what is about to happen.... Tuna! was the squeal, as a silver, torpedo shaped, 1.5 meter leviathan rocketed out of the water, over the front of the kayak before disappearing with a large splash! Wow! what were the chances of that happening? Could your Sporades adventure get any better?

Alonissos hosts the National Marine Park, the largest refuge park in Europe for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus-monachus. The region has turned into a top scuba diving destination, every year more and more tourists visit this island from all around the world.

Skopelos sunset

During the amazing summer days, the water is always flat as glass, with views of distant islands melting into the haze. The coast along the selected route is littered with towering cliffs, caves and small coves to explore. Arguably this will become one of the best sea kayaking experiences you can ever have; no capsizes, warm water and uninterrupted sunshine for each day of your exploration.

You may spend the last evening on Alonissos capital village, exploring the cobbled streets and stone buildings of the old town perched on top of the hill, soaking up spectacular panoramic views and enjoying superb chilli and guacamole handmade beef burgers!
Crossing back to Skopelos, this amazing Sporades adventure could not miss a pass by the small chapel of Agios Yannis (St John) perched on top of a rocky hill.
The church made famous by the film of "Mamma Mia", and is the place where many weddings take place every year. If you have the time - and strength - is well worth the walk up!

The amazing journey is close to an end, paddling around the northern side of Skopelos. If you look over your shoulders, there is a distant view of all the islands you have visited. An amazing 7 days kayaking usually ends enjoying a home cooked meal in a family run tavern in Glossa with all the new friends you have met during this unique summer experience!

Agios Yannis chapel