Picture Perfect Paros Island


The whitewashed Parian marbles have decorated the island, giving it a long lasting blaze & shine.

Right in the heart of the Cyclades region, Paros is the white diamond of the Aegean.
The whitewashed flawless Parian marbles have decorated the island, giving it a long lasting blaze and shine through the centuries.

A material used since the ancient times to create unique works of art, such as the Hermes of Praxiteles and the Venus de Milo.

Picture Perfect Paros Island

A short tour around the island

Unrivalled natural beauty; crystal clear waters; unrivalled Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages; or the breathtaking landscapes, have turned this island into one of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece.

Even from the ferry while it ties up in the port, you will see the two trademarks of the island. The first is the usually most pictured windmill, and you can’t miss the capital’s important ecclesiastical monument, the 6th century church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani.

This is not just one temple, but actually it consists of a building complex, the main church and six smaller chapels.
If you walk even further, you will come across the Archaeological Museum of Paros.

But even outside the capital, there are many hidden surprises for visitors.
Taking the road southwest towards the airport, in just 5 kilometres, you will reach the valley of butterflies. A beautiful and peaceful place with lush vegetation, full of plants and trees of every kind. Leave your car in the parking area, and walk through the small alleys surrounded by wild olive and fruit trees.

Heading north, you will get to the village of Naoussa. A colourful village, where the ruins of a Venetian fortress stand at the entrance to its small harbour. It’s where the cosmopolitan heart of the island beats.

Picture Perfect Paros Island

The nightlife

The numerous options of nightlife are what turn Paros in such a popular island, among the best options within the summertime destinations. The fun never stops here, and there are options for every taste.

Parikia is full of atmospheric small bars, all along the waterfront road of the capital. Enjoy a cool cocktail with launch music and a view to the sea, or move at the ‘river’ side, where all the nightclubs are.

In Naoussa though, is pounding the pulse of entertainment. The narrow alleys are full of bars and loud music.

The beaches

Paros is full of sun-drenched beaches, like Chrissi Akti, and Santa Maria, with golden sand and crystal waters. The Pounda beach is full of kite surfers, sun-loving visitors and a variety of water sports. Chrissi Akti is famous for its annual venue of Windsurfing World Championship.

Picture Perfect Paros Island

The accommodation services will satisfy all tastes and needs, from economy class hotels, up to luxury resorts right on the beach front.

Savour some of the local delicacies, all made from fresh and quality local materials, up to the best of international, Italian or even the an Asian Cuisine.

Whether you come for a weekly escape of relaxation, a unique dining experience during sunset, or a meditation and yoga treatment, Paros is the island that will take you far from the daily rush of everyday life.

Picture Perfect Paros Island