Water front, Sports and Activities

The Greek Islands is a small haven for water sports enthusiasts. More than 200 islands and 7,500 km of coastline will definitely give you the chance to enjoy the seaside and have fun.

You will find:

the summer breeze of Aegean and Ionian Sea will always be on your side to enjoy the speed and waves sliding with your board. Paros, Rhodes and Lefkada are well known destinations for the fanatics -or the sports professionals.

Kitesurfing has its own group of funs as well. There are numerous beaches where they will be met, and even if it looks too difficult for you, is worth staying at the beach for a while, watching them play with the wind and the waves.

Catamaran boats
you will have the chance to rent -by the hour- small catamaran boats for short trips by the coast. Challenge your sailing skills, feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins, enjoy the fresh air on your face.

Kneeboarding & Waterskiing
have fun riding the waves using a board specially designed for kneeling on. Or try your luck standing on the skis. With a bit of advice from an instructor you should be able to start sliding.

Jet Ski
this is a real fun sport and is like taking a motorbike on the water.

glide through the air and get an aerial view of your surroundings!

Dive in the Greek Islands
The underwater seascapes of the Greek Islands are amongst the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Combine a leisurely holiday with expert diving tuition. Most of our destinations offer scuba diving, like Kefallonia, in Lefkada, Corfu, or Skopelos.

Shore to sail
A sailing experience among the Ionians or around the Cyclades has always been an ideal summer vacation; with a constantly changing perspective of islands, picturesque harbours, small bays and beautiful beaches. The relaxed itinerary, warm, calm seas, and the spectacular islands will ensure that your sailing is a magical experience. When you start drifting under sail, you will know what it is all about.

Water tubes and Bananas
these are large inflated tubes with a bottom built in, carried by a speedboat (usually takes out two or three at a time. The speed varies from slow and steady to fast and crazy. Scream as you like.
Bananas is a giant inflated tube which holds up to eleven people. You should try to stay on it -or not- while you are whizzed around the bay.