Wines and Winery

Based on our mythology, our land was the birthplace for the god of wine -Dionysos- having the longest wine production history, for more than 4,000 years.

Our long consumption history and wine culture have perfectly matched all our social events with a fine glass of a Greek wine.

Visit one of our fine wineries, to get acquainted with the traditional vine-cultivation and wine-making. Feel the power of our land by sensing its aromas through the products of its earth, perfectly cooked by a restaurant near you; accompany them with a bottle of wine, experiencing its metallic acidity and unique features.

Join a locally organised winery tour to have a better understanding of the physiology of our vines, matching site and grape variety to detail. Greek wine producers have long experience in developing and improving local viniculture.

Dozens of vineyards and wineries now allow visitors to wander through the magic world of the grapevines and the wine, learn the traditional and modern methods of wine-making and to taste select Greek wines, together with traditional tastes.

Some of our fine varieties:

Made of red grapes variety from the Peloponnese, Agiorgitiko is a wine in deep red colour, and a rich, mature luscious texture.

Assyrtiko is the noblest white variety found in Greek vineyards, and its cultivation is centred in the Cyclades Islands. These wines are rich and refreshing with acidity and excellent aromas. They will remind you of citrus, lemon blossoms, orange peel and grapefruit.

This is another white grape found on the islands in the Southern Aegean, and the wine is characterized by a mild aroma of citrus and yellow fruits.