Visit to the Butterfly Park

The Valley of Butterflies or ‘Pelekanos’ is a densely wooded area close to the village of Theologos, at the north of Rhodes Island. The pine-clad valley is crossed by a small stream, forming ponds and small waterfalls in its course.

During mid-June & September - August is the natural habitat of hundreds of thousands of Quadrina butterflies (actually a moth of the callimorpha quadripunctarea variety) attracted to the valley by the storax trees in order to mate.

At the time of visiting, the gray butterflies usually sleep, but when they awake, form a cloud of butterflies, which is particularly striking as it reveals the orange colour of their feathers.

The valley is a beauty spot on its own, with walkways, water-falls, rock pools, rustic bridges and resting places. During the summer period it remains open on a daily basis, from 8:30 to 18:00.