Medical and safety

Medical advice


No one wants to get sick during their vacation. But just in case, for the majority of the islands you will be able to find either a first aid or a public hospital or clinic.

An easy way to locate any of them will simply be by asking at the nearest pharmacy.

Have in mind that, in order to have access to necessary health care, tourists from member states of the European Union (EU) wishing to visit Greece must be holders of the European Health Card (EHIC) or any other legal Community document issued by their competent social security agency. In these cases, the necessary treatment in Greece is provided by:

  • the I.K.A. (Social Security Institute) Health Units (polyclinics) or doctor’s offices in the region;
  • Regional clinics (former rural clinics) or the Health Centers of the National Health System; and
  • the outpatients’ departments of the hospitals on contract

In order to have access to necessary health care, tourists from countries other than the member states of the European Union wishing to visit Greece must consult their social security agency for information before travelling.


They are easily spotted all over Greece, with their special green cross sign (usually flashing when they are open). They provide a wide range of medicine, prescribed or not, first aid or other equipment, band aids and bandages, even toiletry items such as dental floss or facial care creams and sunburn protection products.

All types of medicine are centrally controlled by the government, therefore prices are rather fixed everywhere, and not a huge difference from abroad. If you have prescribed medication, which you need to take on holiday with you, you will need a doctor's note and/ or a copy of your prescription. You should also check with your doctor the equivalents of your medicine, in case they are listed by a different name in Greece.

In case of emergency call:

  • Ambulance Service: 166
  • SOS Doctors : 1016
  • Duty Hospitals and Clinics: 1434
  • Pharmacies: 1434
  • Open Line for alcohol drug Addiction: 210 3617089
  • Poisoning First Aid: 210 7793777

Safety issues

Greece is widely known for the sense of safety and friendliness it provides to all tourists. It is often named among the safest areas to live within the European Union (EU).

Although, basic rules should always be followed, especially in crowded places (like bars and nightclubs) or if you leave your personal belongings unattended on the beach. No one likes pickpockets who may attempt to take your wallet, mobile, camera or sunglasses, when you are distracted.

In case of emergency you can always call the following number:

  • Police: 100
  • Fire Depart.: 199
  • Coast Guard: 108
  • Tourist Police: 171

or address one of the Tourist Police Stations located in your region:

Argo-saronic Islands

Police. Dept /S.T.P. Aegina|Aegina, 18010 (Aegina P.S.)|(+30) 22970- 22100
Police. Dept /TH.S.T.P. Poros|Poros, 18020 P.S|22980- 22462
Police. Dept. / TH.S.T.P. Spetses|Spetses, 18050 P.S.|22980- 73100, 73744
Police. Dept / TH.S.T.P. Hydra|Hydra, 18040 P.S.|22980- 53360, 52205

Cyclades Islands

Police. Dept / S.T.P. Mykonos|Airport –P.S. building, 84600 - MYKONOS|22890- 22482
Police. Dept / TH.S.T.P.Paros|Paroikia - Plat. M. Mavrogenous, 84400|22840- 21673
Police. Dept / TH.S.T.P.Tinos|P.S. Building, 84200 - TINOS|22830- 23670

Ionian Islands

Police. Dept /S.T.P.Zakyntho|62 Lomvardou, 29100 - ZAKYNTHOS|26951- 24483, 24482
Police. Dept / T.T.P. Corfu|4 Samartzi, 49100 - CORFU|22610- 39503,30265
Police. Dept / S.T.P.Kefallinia|52 I. Metaxa, 28100 - ARGOSTOLI|26710- 22815
Police. Dept / S.T.P. Lefkada|30 Ir. Polytechneiou, 31100 – LEFKADA|26450- 26450, 29380

Dodecanese Islands

Police. Dept / T.T.P. Rhodes|1 Kapathou, 85100 - RHODES|22420- 27423,23329
Police. Dept /T.T.P. Kos|Eparxiou, 85300 - KOS|22420- 26666, 22444

Sporades Islands

S.T.P.Skiathos|Papadiamanti, 37002 - SKIATHOS|24270- 23172

North Aegean Islands

Police. Dept / TH.S.T.P.Thasos|A. Theologidi, 64004 - THASOS|25930- 23111,22500
Police. Dept / S.T.P. Lesvos|Pl. Teloneiou, 81100 – LESVOS|22510- 22776
Police. Dept / S.T.P. Samos|129 Themistokli Sofouli, 83100 - SAMOS|22730- 27980, 22790
Police. Dept / S.T.P. Chios|35 Neoriou, 82100 - CHIOS|22710- 81539