Greek Language Basics

It may be a common expression heard a million times from all of us: "Sounds like Greek to me!".

We know that it takes time to learn our local language. Although, English is widely spoken in Greece; especially in most tourist areas. Like every Mediterranean country, you will find most Greeks to be easy going, extrovert and open characters. This means that communication will never be a problem.
We usually speak loudly, using our hands (or body) while we make conversation. So, body language can always be of some help.

Some prefer to use a small dictionary, a language guide or a book, which you can find in most bookstores on the islands or the airports.
Or you can use a set of day-to-day words and expressions given below. They have been collected and grouped in such a way as to be easily pronounced and used during your stay.

It’s worth trying; you will see that your effort is warmly received, returning back some happy faces and many smiles. No matter how wrong it might sound, it will be highly appreciated and rewarded.

Essential phrases  
Hello Yia su
Goodbye Adio
Please Parakalo
Thank you Efkharisto
Yes Ne
No Ohi
Sorry Sighnomi
I have a reservation Ekho kani mia kratisi
I would like a taxi Tha ithela ena taksi
Thank you Efkharisto
I don't understand Then katalaveno
One moment please Mia stigmi parakalo
Greetings & Goodbyes  
Good Morning Kalimera
Good Evening Kalispera
Good Night Kalinikhta
How are you? Ti kaneis?
Fine and you? Kala esi?
What's your name? Pos se lene?
My name is... Me lene...
I'm pleased to meet you Hero poli
Goodbye Adio
Bus Leoforio
Ticket Isitirio
How far? Poso makria?
Wait Perimenete
Question Words  
How? Pos?
What? Ti?
When? Pote?
Where? Pu?
Why? Yiati?
How much is it? Poso kani?
How far is it? Poso makria ine?
Do you speak English? Milas Anglika?
Do you understand? Katalavenis?
Where's the toilet? Pu ine I toualeta?
Help Voithia
Call the police Kalese tin astinomia
Call a doctor Kalese ena yiatro
Ambulance Asthenoforo
Fire Fotia
I'm sick Ime arostos
I'm lost Ekho khathi
Thief Kleftis
Stop Stamata
Go away Fiye
Food and drink  
Food Fayito
Drink Poto
Breakfast Proyevma
Lunch Yevma
Dinner Dipno