My Big Fat Greek (Island) Wedding

Greek Islands

Often described as some of the best places in the world to view a sunset, getting married on a Greek


Weddings are rarely the effortless thing that they seem. On average a year of stress and planning and location scouting goes into a wedding, along with thousands of pounds paying for the special day. At the end of it all everything can be spoiled by a deluge of rain or the wrong type of stripper jumping out of the cake at your bachelor party. However recently there have been a number of people jumping ship, leaving the unpredictable weather and excess family behind and getting married in the European paradise that are the Greek islands.

There are many companies that operate these islands, the four most popular for weddings being Santorini, Crete, Skiathos and Corfu. These islands offer an escape to those wanting a wedding that is just for them, not everyone else. Still need convincing? Here are six reasons why the Greek islands are the perfect getaway for any would be conjugal couple.

 Ready Made Packages

With the Greek islands being so popular with pre-nuptials for their big day, there are many wedding planners available on the islands to help co-ordinate and organise everything for the dream wedding.

Santorini has many weddings planners that can cater to your every need. After filling in the necessary paperwork forms, most of which that can be found on the companies website, the couple can then choose from a wide range of locations and ceremonies with wedding planners covering food, photography and all importantly, the cake.


Often described as some of the best places in the world to view a sunset, getting married on a Greek island, with the sun slipping down behind the ocean, the last rays reflecting off the white brick, blue domed houses, is some peoples idea of paradise. The breath-taking scenery can amplify the heightened emotions running at the time of the wedding, leading to the perfect ceremony.

Weddings can also be held in places where famous filmed were located. The ‘Saint Ioannis Chapel’ on the island of Skopelos is the famous chapel on the rocks used in the film Mamma Mia.


There have been many weddings and wedding photos spoiled by relentless drizzle and grey skies. Sometimes booking a summer wedding is like the most expensive game of Russian roulette you have ever played. The marquee on the lawned garden could turn into a sling in a mud bath if the promised heat wave didn’t arrive in time. The extra stress for the matrimonial couple can be avoided if you take the route straight through to the constantly warm Greek Islands. During the summer rain is extremely rare and the temperate climate in the winter, means that even those sensitive to the sun can enjoy the predictability of a Greek wedding.


One of the highlights of having a wedding abroad is participating in the various traditions associated with that culture. Some wedding planners offer the traditional donkey ride for the bride to the church, with a Greek band following behind. The tradition of leaving sweet treats under the guests’ pillows is also provided by some companies. The tradition is that women would put wedding cake underneath their pillows so that they will dream of their future husband. Nowadays it is good luck for the couple for all the guests to have sweets placed underneath their pillows after the wedding.


Paying for an expensive wedding and then on top of that an expensive honeymoon, can make the costs staggering. However, a Greek Island marriage could be the answer, with a wedding and a honeymoon all rolled in to one. If the idea of staying on the same island as your parents and relatives for your honeymoon doesn’t appeal, then why not hop off to one of Greece’s 227 other inhabited islands for some well-deserved privacy?

 V.I.P’s Only

The worst thing about weddings for some is the pressure  to invite distant relatives that you know you are never going to see again. Parents will always insist that you must invite your uncle’s second cousin even though no one has seen him in several years and he lives half way up the country. One of the absolute plusses about a Greek wedding is that only the people who really matter to you have to be there. Only the most important people of your life, your parents, siblings and best friends will find the money to go, leaving you with a greatly reduced bill and no awkward conversation.