Explore the routes of Paros


The unknown hiking paths and popular outdoors activities on Paros Island

The island of Paros is well known for its unrivalled natural beauty, the crystal clear waters, and the Cycladic traditional breathtaking landscapes. Right in the heart of the Aegean, it is one of the mostly loved summer holiday destinations in Greece.

The sandy beaches, the local cuisine, the warm sunny weather, or the crazy nightlife are not the only reasons you should visit Paros this summer. There are plenty of outdoors activities to choose from, during your stay.

The hiking paths of Paros

You can try numerous walking trials, either following the coastline, or you can explore ancient paths in the mainland of the island.

Whether you choose one of the easy coastal paths - with the smell of iodine and plenty of sea breeze touching your face, or follow the mountain trails full of green, the flowers, the scents of oregano and sage, the experience and the images of landscapes will be unforgettable.

Every route has so many special beauties making it hard to describe, so we will rather give you inspirational ideas and information, which you may find useful.

The most popular trials are:

Naoussa – Lefkes

This is a rather easy path, of around 10 kilometers. Follow the road from the village of Naoussa to the picturesque inland village of Lefkes.

It will be nice to have an early start in the morning, depending on your walking speed, spend some time walking around the small alleys of the village, and even enjoy your lunch at one of the traditional small taverns of the area.

If any of your group can't stand to return on foot, you had to try all of the Greek mezedes and beer, or is just too hot for you in the afternoon, then a taxi or the bus is always a convenient alternative.

Explore the routes of Paros

Lefkes – Prodromos – Marpissa (the Byzantine Route)

This is a well known trial, that only lasts for about an hour, if you start from the village of Lefkes, towards the Prodromos. Following the signs, you will finally end at Marpissa village. You will enjoy the beauty and all the smells of nature, or visit the near-by monastery of Saint Antonios.

Kolymbithres – Korakas – Agios Ioannis Detis – Almyros

A very interesting coastal route, starting from Kolymbithres to the Cape of Korakas. From there, parallel to the coast, you pass by the Monastery of St. John Detis - and then arrive at Cape Almyros.

Drios – Chrisi Akti (Golden Beach)

This is short and easy coastal path for not more than 15 minutes, between the villages of Drios and Chrisi Akti. Starting from the small port of Drios, moving down (Eastern) to the beach, you will pass the stairs (on your left) and the path ahead will lead you to Boudari, and will finally end at Chrisi Akti. You will come across small bays and sandy beaches, to dive in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean, if you like.

Explore the routes of Paros

Water Sports


Kitesurfing has its own group of fans, and is one of the increasingly growing water sports around the world.
Enjoy the sense of freedom riding the waves, jumping over the water, and the strong winds of an island with the perfect weather conditions for the sport fans.

The island of Paros has been chosen by the experts as one of the best 3 locations in the world for Kitesurfing. Pounda beach is the ideal spot, right across the island of Antiparos.


Greece has grown its own tradition in Windsurfing! This is a natural paradise for the sport, where the summer strong winds (the locally called "meltemia" are strong daily winds with direction from NW, NE and North). This moving power is a true blessing for all the windsurfers. PWA (the Professional Windsurfers Association), has chosen Paros to be part of the World Championship, since 1993.

The beach of Chrisi Akti becomes the centre for all fans, and some of the best surfers around the world.

Explore the routes of Paros


From the ports of Parikia and Naoussa you can rent a water taxi, or use one of the small boats to take a daily tour around the island, or visit some of the famous beaches.

They can also take you to Antiparos, the small and unspoiled island right next to Paros.

Or try one of the day cruises to the near by islands of Cylclares region, like Naxos, Mykonos, Ios, or the famous Santorini.

Explore the routes of Paros