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Caldera Yachting specializes in personalized cruises, ensuring the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment. We guarantee a superb day of sailing in an uncrowned atmosphere. We organize exceptional cruises around Santorini to make your days on our island an unforgettable experience.

Our motto is “The experience of a lifetime”. The distinction lies in a core element, which is the creation of an experience, highlighting the elements that will give you a unique dimension and added value in every moment of this journey.

Your journey begins with the 'Premium Semi Private' cruise options.

  • Share the experience of sailing!
  • Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Caldera!
  • Admire the world’s most beautiful sunset!

The absolute experience of a superb day of sailing in an uncrowded atmosphere, while we assure you efficiency and responsive service in all aspects of your journey.

Caldera Yachting is also ready to create the cruise of your dreams!
Experience one of the unique 'Exclusive Private' cruises... the perfect option to discover the unparalleled beauty of the island.

  • Live your own exclusive yachting experience!
  • Plan your cruise with the help of our experts!
  • Enjoy personalized services on the yacht of your choice!

Choose the vessel of your preference, and let us travel your wishes in the most customized way. These exclusive services start from the moment you board on company’s cars for the transition to the port.
While boarding the boat, you realize the uniqueness of this experience, and it culminates throughout the trip. Get to know the place, the beaches, the landscapes, the service during the trip, the unique local flavors, the natural beauty, the sense of company but also with respect for your personal time that you want to enjoy.

Caldera Yachting offers you the experience of a lifetime.

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