The Medieval Festival in Rhodes

This is a journey to Byzantine times, the traditions, history and myths of the Medieval period in Rhodes. They all come to life in this unique festival, a fascinating cultural voyage taking place every summer!

Theatrical performances, archery competitions and Medieval sports and customs, music and dance take place in various locations inside the Old City, and "Melina Merkouri" theatre hosts the Rhodes Summer Festival with concerts and performances by outstanding Greek and International artists.

You simply can not fully understand the mixture of different cultures and civilizations taking place in Rhodes, only by reading these lines.
Take a walk through the cobblestone Street of the Knights, and will instantly feel like turning into a noble or knight of those ages.

It is flanked by medieval Inns of the various "tongues" of the countries represented in the Order of the Knights of St John. The ‘Hospital of the Knights’ stands at the corner of the Museum square; in nowadays houses the Archaeological Museum.

The Street of the Knights is the main route from the port to the 14th century Palace of the Grand Master. The Palace was turned to a Governor’s residence during the Italian occupation. Its courtyard is the venue of many Greek and international cultural events of high artistic calibre.