Folegandros is becoming a new trend among the Cyclades Islands.
It took more than two decades for this barren island to become one of the upcoming popular summer destinations in Greece.

In the past, this has been a place of exile for political detainees, a totally forgotten part of Greece, but in our days it is one of the beautiful destinations in the Aegean.
Modern hotels, luxury resorts and accommodation services are ready to welcome their guests.

Friendly people and the well known Greek hospitality, in an untouched piece of true Greece; Folegandros preserves unique natural landscapes which have become the new identity for this island.

Arriving by boat, you will approach Karavostasi, the only port of the island. There are a number of hotels, small taverns by the sea, and a near-by camping, well organized, as an alternative for your stay.

Most of the houses and buildings are based on a unique architecture, on the island they are called “lemon-houses”, and as the locals say, you will only see them on this island and in Sicily. Their main purpose was to protect the lemon trees in the backyards from the weather conditions or the strong winter winds. After all, lemons were once the only vitamin source for its inhabitants.

In the village of Ano Meria will find most of these kind of houses. You can also visit the Folklore Museum, and admire some of the rare local tools and furniture, people were using during the last century.

From the port you can take a bus or taxi, following this uphill road towards the Chora, the island’s capital. It is built on the top of this steep rocky hill, away from the sea level, in order to be protected from pirates in the old times.

Discover the beauties of its capital

One of its neighborhoods that is called the Kastro (castle), is perhaps the best part of Chora, ideal for an afternoon walk and relaxation. In case you have any orientation difficulty, you should better use some marks, not to get lost inside its narrow alleys that look like a maze.
The area has two main entrances or exits.

The capital is the liveliest part on the island. Numerous options to enjoy a morning coffee, a cold beer or an afternoon drink, sitting at one of its small Squares (like the Piatsa), but also full of traditional restaurants and taverns to taste the local cuisine and their cooked dishes.

What about beaches?

This small rocky spot in the Aegean may not be rich in coastlines and beaches. Apart from the Karavostasi, you can choose one of the small beaches of Vardia, Agios Georgios and Serfiotiko, which are accessible on foot, or take one of the small boats that will take you to Latinaki, Pountaki and Katergo.

They may not be the most famous, but the more inaccessible they become, the greater their natural beauty.

With crystal clear waters, the deep blue of the Aegean and the peace and serenity of the scenery, you will only have the sound of waves and the seagulls to keep you company during the day.

Useful information
Getting there:
  • Folegandros is connected by ferry to Piraeus and the rest of the Cyclades.
Useful phone numbers (+30)
Municipality +30 22860-41285
Police 22860-41249
Port Police 22860-41530
First aid 22860-41222
Pharmacy 22860-41540
Local buses (KTEL) 22860-41425
Taxi 22860-41048