Fri Jul 29th 2016
Greek Islands, Anemi Hotel, Karavostasis

Event Details

The encounter of the eminent Greek singer Dimitra Galani with a quartet of exceptional Greek musicians whose central axis consists of songs written by our leading poets and composers. Petros Klampanis ( bass), Thomas Constantinou (oud, lute and guitar), Spyros Manesis (piano), Christos Rafailidis (vibraphone) become a " single body" with Dimitra Galani who leads the performance.“ The singer here encapsulates the history of Greek song as she is also a part of it, having been taught by these highly acclaimed artists since her first steps. Functioning as a link connecting the past with the present. Chronos, in this unique performance, is in a way Dimitra Galani herself. Chronos is those songs that we always need to recall in order to redefine our culture.

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