The 10 Best Beaches in Greece 


These are some of the best beaches among the Greek Islands...

1. The exotic one

The beach of Myrtos, in Kefallonia. An astonishing setting, with turquoise waters and small white pebbles. It’s best visited when there aren’t any waves, and strong northwestern winds.

2. The famous

This is probably the most photographed beach in Greece. The famous shipwreck in Zakynthos. It is only accessible by the sea. Take one of the small boats touring the island or use your own sailboat and yacht.

The 10 Best Beaches in Greece 
3. The most otherworldly

It looks like scenery from out of space. Sarakiniko in Milos Island is like a movie set. White rocks sculptured by the sea waves, sandy small bays, deep blue waters and underwater caves are awaiting for you to explore.

4. The most secluded

In the southern end of Rhodes Island, you will find the beach of Prassonisi. An infinite sandy coastline, with an uninterrupted view towards the Aegean Sea, this is a small paradise for the lovers of windsurfing and watersports.

The 10 Best Beaches in Greece 
5. The cosmopolitan

Psarrou beach in Mykonos is the ideal celebrity spot on the island. During summer it's full of luxury yachts, famous visitors and movie stars. As well as the georgeous beach there are plenty of dining and shopping areas by the sea.

6. The widest

Crete and the area of Chania have perhaps the widest beach in Greece. In the area of Falasarna, you can keep walking for miles by the sea, the perfect anecdote to escape the high season crowds…

7. The rising

Porto Katsiki – in Lefkada – keeps attracting more and more visitors every year. It located at the base of a huge cliff, with crystal clear waters that aren't too deep, where kids will play all day long!

The 10 Best Beaches in Greece 
8. The lush (green)

You should visit the eastern part of Pilio, just across the Skiathos and Skopelos Islands in the Sporades Region. The seaside is almost covered by the natural shade of huge pine trees; the best part is in Plaka bay.

9. The colorful

You may all have heard about the three colorful beaches in Santorini. The red, the white, but also the eminent one, called the black beach. The unique landscape with the surrounding lava rocks just above the seashore makes this area so special and famous

10. The turquoise beach

In a tiny spot of the enormous Greek coastline, you will find Elafonissos Island, and the known beach of Simos. They are actually two small beaches, one facing the other. The colors in the water will make you think of the Caribbean, with shallow waters and a sandy beach front.

The 10 Best Beaches in Greece