Greek Carnival of Chios


Fri Mar 11th 2016 to Mon Mar 14th 2016
Greek Islands, Thymiana

Event Details

Celebrate the most popular Greek Carnival and “Kathara Deftera” day (Ash Monday) on the island of Chios, from Friday 11th to Monday 14th of March 2016. Unique customs across Chios are seasoning the feasts with lots of laughter, happiness and joy. Thymiana, a village 7 km south of Chios town signals the beginning of the celebration with Mostra, a special custom dating back to an era when pirates dominated the Aegean Sea terrorizing the villagers. It was then that the inhabitants of Thymiana decided to stand against the invaders. A big fight took place and the result was a stunning victory of Thymiana, leading to the crucifixion of the pirates at the central square of the village, in order for everyone to admire their accomplishment.

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