Festival of Rembetiko (local) music


Wed Aug 31st 2016 to Sun Sep 4th 2016
Greek Islands, Ermoupolis, Cyclades islands, Syros

Event Details

The Municipality of Syros and the Cyclades Development and Progress Association of Cyclades Chamber, are exploiting the cultural heritage of Syros, honoring
the most popular Greek composer in Syros, Marcos Vamvakaris
They are organizing the Festival Syros Rembetiko fistival for Marcos Vamvakaris.

The "patriarch" of Rebetiko was born on May 10, 1905 in the settlement of Ano Hora Skali in Syros. His grandfather wrote songs and his father played zampouna, and from an early age the young Mark accompanied the last toubi playing at various festivals.

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